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      Information according to Article 14 Corporate Code (Unternehmensgesetzbuch), Article 5 Para. 1 E-Commerce Act (E-Commerce-Gesetz) and disclosure according to Article 25 Media Act (Mediengesetz).

      This website is operated by Voltares GmbH, Weihburggasse 22/5, 1010 Vienna, Austria and is designed to provide information about the company.

      The content of this website is solely for informational purposes and may not be construed as legal, tax, investment, financial, or other advice.

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      • Voltares Development GmbH
      • Limited Liability Company

      Contact details:

      • Weihburggasse 22/5, 1010 Vienna
      • Email:
      • Website:

      Commercial Register Court:

      • Commercial Court Vienna
      • Commercial Register Number: FN 589844 v
      • Based in: Political municipality Vienna

      Object of the Company:

      Development of projects, especially in the field of renewable energies; trade in goods of all kinds; rental and leasing of real estate/property; Participation in companies with the same or similar or third-party business purpose abroad and taking over the management of these; Purchase and sale of properties/real estate.




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      Voltares Development GmbH

      Weihburggasse 22/5, 1010 Vienna, Austria